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A Boss Lady Mom Christmas Tale

It was the night before Christmas and asleep in our home

The children were bed-sharing, neither alone;

The stockings were hung by Command hooks instead,

So clunky sock holders miss hitting little heads.

The white noise was running and sleep sacks snapped tight,

With dreams of what Santa might bring tonight;

And I with my wine glass, and dad in his team hat,

Had just realized that we ran out of gift wrap.

When outside in the street there arose such commotion,

Our security doorbell was chiming from motion;

To the upstairs window, I ran with a grumble,

Worried the kids would awaken from this rumble.

As I peeked through the blinds my mind was blown;

I quickly scrambled to grab my smartphone;

I held it up steady to capture the sight,

As eight reindeer struggled with all of their might.



I counted each one and felt numb in my toes

As I saw the one in front had a blinking red nose!

My breathing turned heavy and I almost passed out,

It took everything in me not to pee or shout;

I thought to myself there’s no way this is real,

Do I dare wake the kids or how should I feel?

And then with great disbelief, I heard on the roof

The scratching and shuffling of what could be a hoof!

As I ran down to my husband to show him my screen,

Santa appeared with his elf support team.

He was dressed in faux fur and blew me a kiss,

While his assistants looked to be checking off lists;

They were quickly placing presents beneath the tree,

And I felt my husband fall weak in the knees.

Santa winked and went straight for the plate,

He said the gluten-free cookies tasted great;

With a big sip of oak milk, he licked his lips

And told us the healthy snacks are better for his hips.

My eyes filled with tears from the joy in my heart,

To tell this story, where would I even start?

And before I snapped a picture he poofed out of sight,

And I whispered to my husband, “OH MY GOD, WHAT A NIGHT!!"


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